MedOne develops, manufactures, markets and distributes high quality vitreoretinal surgery products worldwide. MedOne is the market leader in single use cannula products for retina surgery.



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Surgical Products

MedOne offers an exciting line of innovative products for retina surgery, featuring a full range of cannulas and related accessory products, including FlexTip™ Cannulas, PolyTip® Cannulas, MVR knives, backflush instruments and much more. Complementing the MedOne range of cannula products is a complete line of reusable instruments.  MedOne has a wide variety of scissors and forceps styles to meet your needs. Throughout the retina product range, special emphasis is focused on products for small gauge surgery.

MedOne also has a unique range of instruments for otology, neurotology and skull base surgery. The MedOne Auricle instrument range uses a unique squeeze handle and rotating instrument tip to provide a high level of precision and control for these demanding procedures.

All MedOne products are of the highest possible quality and come with attentive, fast customer service. Please click on the links above for more information on these product groups.

Retina Cannulae

MedOne is the market leader in single-use cannula products for retina surgery. MedOne focus is on products for small gauge surgery, including 23 and 25 gauge surgical systems.

MedOne offers the widest range of cannula products for small gauge surgery, allowing you to tackle a wide variety of cases using your small gauge surgical system.

MedOne innovative PolyTip VFI cannulas enable fast and easy injection of silicone oil for 23 and 25g cases. The Dual Bore Cannulas allow use of perfluorocarbon liquids in small gauge surgery.

MedOne also offer a full range of FlexTip Cannulas, micropicks and backflush products to help you achieve your surgical goals.

MedOne Single-Use Retinal Products

Single-Use Retinal Products Click Here

Retina Instruments

MedOne offers a complete range of instruments for retina surgery.

The instruments are manufactured in England by Eye Technology Limited, using the highest quality materials and workmanship. We have a full range of instruments for 20, 23 and 25 gauge surgery. A comfortable, ergonomic handle with smooth squeeze actuation make these instruments an ideal choice for the demands of high precision retina surgery.

Quality Assurance

MedOne Surgical firmly believes that the most important feature of a medical device is quality. The product must work as intended, every time. MedOne,  utilize a rigorous quality system of design, inspection and testing to ensure their products are of the highest possible quality.

MedOne undergoes annual quality system audits to ensure compliance with all relevant quality standards for our products. MedOne is certified for compliance with ISO 13485, and meets all requirements for the CE mark.

MedOne is registered with the US FDA and operates in compliance with requirements of the US FDA Quality Management System (21 CFR Part 820) relevant to our products.

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