Instrumentation Catalog

Includes: Pinnacle 360˚™, Syntrifugal ™ Handle & Disposable (D) Tip, Forceps, Premium Instrumentation, Apex Instrumentation, Forceps, Scissors, Subretinal Instruments, Illuminated Instruments, Scleral Markers, Picks & Spatulas, Cannulas & Needles, Disposable Backflush Instruments, Instrument Trays, Tip Protectors, Luers & Plugs

Vitrectomy Systems, Vitrectomy Packs and Accessories

Includes: VersaVIT™ Vitrectomy Machine, VersaVIT™ Core Essentials™ Packs, VersaVIT™ Core Essentials™ Biopsy Pack, VersaPACK™, Vitrectomy Accessories, Port Entry Systems, MVR Blades, Infusion Cannulas

Laser Probes Catalog

Includes: Directional, Straight, Curved, Illuminated

Illumination Catalogue

Includes: PHOTON™ & PHOTON II™, Endoilluminators, Chandeliers, Multifunctional Illumination, Illumination Adapters

Synergetics Illumination Catalogue Click Here

Synergetics Laser Probe Listing Click Here

Other Products Catalogue

Includes: DDMS™ - Diamond Dusted Membrane Scrapers, I-PACK™, Bipolar, Knives, Iris Retractors, Visco Dissector, Lens Rings, Disposable Lenses

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