Instructions for Use

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Morgan Lens Instructions:

Instructions for using the Morgan Lens for continuous medication or lavage to the cornea and conjunctiva.

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Step 1: INSERTION: Instill topical ocular anesthetic, if available.







Step 2: Attach Morgan Lens Delivery Set, I.V., set-up or syringe using solution and rate of choice; START FLOW. *








Step 3: Have patient look down, insert Morgan Lens under upper lid. Have patient look up, retract lower lid, drop lens in place.








Step 4: Release the lower lid over Morgan Lens and adjust flow. Tape tubing to patient's forehead to prevent accidental lens removal. Absorb outflow with the Medi-Duct. DO NOT RUN DRY.








Step 5: REMOVAL: CONTINUE FLOW, have patient look up, retract lower lid - hold position.







Step 6: Slide Morgan Lens out; TERMINATE FLOW.


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