Instrument Preparation
Instruments are a major asset and represent a significant share of the total capital spending of a hospital. The practical experience recorded in this guide, together with a description of fundamental interrelationships, is intended to help users to keep their reusable instruments in good working order and preserve their value for many years, by ensuring proper care and maintenance. It should be emphasized that the recommended measures must always be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, pertinent hygiene requirements and official safety-at-work guidelines.

Instrument processing is increasingly subject to legislation (Medical Devices Act, Medical Devices Directive), with a general tendency towards a worldwide harmonization. In addition, there are direct legal requirements that need to be observed e.g. the German "Betreiberverordnung" (Operator Regulations), which implements the Medical Devices Directive (MDD). They provide detailed instructions in the form of validation measures that should be carried out by the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD). Compliance with such requirements can best be assured and documented within the context of a quality system (QS).

Zepf Medical Instruments takes the subject of instrument preparation very seriously. In our "Service / document service" section you will find a corresponding sheet on the preparation of our instruments. Instruments that require special preparation are delivered with special preparation instructions.

We would of course be very happy to answer further queries in person.

Further update on the Zepf internet presence

Because of customer feedback, further changes have been made to Zepf Medical Instruments' internet page.

Currently, the "medical subject area" is being expanded on. Previously, only the corresponding catalogue pages for a certain field were available, but as of now, all articles displayed on this catalogue page will be clearly listed next to the page image. A mouse click on an article number displays the individual article with all available information.

Right now, the images for the individual articles are being worked on intensively. This will also become available over the next few weeks, so that customers can be supplied with even better information.

Customers, who have not saved ZEPF's internet address in the favourites list, can do this really easily with Google search. Entering a Zepf article number always leads to the correct article or subject area page.

With new technology and absolute quality, ZEPF MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS has committed itself to becoming one of the leading providers in the medical technology field. Many of the technologies presently used, for example, the mobile search for reference numbers, or the use of QR codes, are absolutely new to the sector.

And this area is being further developed: hardly any providers in the sector make company or article information available for mobile devices. ZEPF's mobile website is already in planning and will be available for customers this year.

Zepf Medical Instruments provide mobile search queries.

The development of the Seitingen company, ZEPF MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS GMBH is continuing. On the 20th June 2011, the surgical instrument supplier's new internet page was posted. The highlight and unique selling point of ZEPF is a data bank system with a unique search function. With its help, customers can access an almost complete list of article numbers from the respective external manufacturers, which are then referenced to the corresponding Zepf numbers. A total of more than 15,000 products are visualized and can be called up effortlessly.

"We were surprised at how well the new offer went down with our customers," says Jochen Zepf, Managing Director. Reason enough to now complete the presence with new functions.

The product search and reference number request is now also possible for smart phones. The page has been especially structured for mobile systems, and provides the same range of functions as the company's home page.

A corresponding QR barcode on the product search page gives the customers the added possibility of calling up the mobile page quickly and simply. Alternatively, the reference search can be reached at

The latest data will of course also be displayed on the mobile access server. In five-minute cycles, it will be continuously updated with new articles and modifications – closer to real-time than hardly any other company in the industry.

The new offer has just come on-line, but Jochen Zepf is already one more step ahead: "In the coming weeks we will be expanding even more parts of our homepage." Already planned are the expansion of the medical field and a mobile version of the entire internet presence.

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