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For decades the Whelehan Group has been a leader in the sales, marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical, medical, health and beauty, agricultural and garden care products. We are one of the largest value-added sales and marketing organisations in Ireland. We now operate from new suite of administrative offices at Bracetown Business Park, off the N3 Motorway, near Clonee.

The Whelehan Group comprises of five divisions: Health and Beauty, Surgical, Gardening, Crop Protection and Animal Health. The Group's business activities are highly diversified.

The Whelehan Group is an added-value marketing, sales and distribution organisation. It is involved in a diverse range of businesses. The Whelehan Group's interests include over the counter pharmaceuticals, toiletries, cosmetics, surgical products, agricultural, garden and horticultural chemicals along with animal health pharmaceuticals. The Group markets, merchandises, promotes, advertises and distributes its product lines throughout the island of Ireland.

The Group has approximately. 3,500 accounts spread across wholesale and retail outlets including hospitals, pharmaceutical wholesalers, retail pharmacists, veterinary wholesalers, veterinary surgeons, agricultural co-ops, agricultural merchants, cash and carry outlets, grocery multiples, department stores and garden centres. With no over reliance on any particular category or individual customer, the company is not exposed to any high risk partnerships.Across our business sectors, we market products that are brand leaders in their respective categories.

The Whelehan Group attributes its success to a portfolio of strong quality brands supported by proven sales, marketing and distribution strategies together with a highly committed staff.

The Whelehan Group, a unique approach......




Founded in the 1887 by T.P. Whelehan who was a community pharmacist, the business was passed onto his son, also a pharmacist, who, in the process of expansion, acquired a number of Sole Agency distribution agreements for the Irish market.

Initially located in Dublin's city centre, the business quickly outgrew the accommodation and a site in the northern suburb of Finglas was subsequently acquired in 1956.

In 1963 the Company acquired the Pharmaceutical and Veterinary Wholesaler, Boileau & Boyd Limited which was established in 1700.

In November 1987 Perrans Distributors Limited was acquired. Perrans is a specialist company in the Complementary Medicine/VMS and related sectors.

In 2001 the Group purchased a new state of the art 60,000 sq ft office and warehouse facility alongside the key Dublin orbital motorway, the M50. These premises are only a ten minute drive from Dublin Airport.

July 2004, the UniPhar Group aquired the Whelehan Group.

On 8th October 2010, the Whelehan Group was sold to Verbena Limited, a 100% Irish owned company. Verbena looks forward to working with our existing principals to strengthen the Whelehan Group business in delivering excellent service and value to our customers.

From February 2012 onwards, the logistics and invoicing of Whelehan Surgical products is being handled by Allphar Services. In order to further improve our service to our customers, Allphar Services has been selected by the Whelehan Group because of its track record in pharmaceutical and Medical device distribution.

Whelehan Group Divisions:

Whelehan Surgical

The Whelehan Surgical division's focus is on the hospital supply area, with particular emphasis on key areas of surgery, including Ophthalmic, General, Cardiac, Intensive Care,  A & E, CSSD, HSSU Departments. In addition, Whelehan Surgical supplies general medical and surgical consumables to HSE acute, general, district hospitals, community care medical centres and private healthcare facilities. Each sector of the business is promoted by highly skilled specialist representatives, all with expert knowledge in their chosen sphere of activity.

The division has a proud record of performance as a leading medical device supply company in the Irish marketplace.

Major international companies which Whelehan Surgical partners in the Irish market include; Bausch & Lomb, Pennine Healthcare, Sempermed, Sengewald, etc.

Whelehan Animal Health

The Whelehan Animal Health division's customers include veterinary surgeons, pharmacies, agricultural co-operatives, licensed merchants and professional pest control operators.

The division's major brands include the Fort Dodge products CYDECTIN and RENEGADE for parasite control in cattle and sheep, and EQUEST, the long lasting equine wormer. The product portfolio also includes, antibiotics, disinfectants, hoofcare products, a natural range of products (probiotics and antibodies) to aid in disease prevention and a range of wound care products.

In addition to animal medicines, the Animal Health division markets and distributes the Sorex range of rodenticides to the agricultural and public health sectors.

The animal health division is responsible for marketing, sales, customer service and technical support. Customers nationwide receive a quality service and are updated on the latest developments in our product portfolio. They also receive technical support for retail staff and their farmer clients.

• Fort Dodge Animal Health
• Provita Eurotech Ltd.
• Sorex Ltd.
• Animedica GmbH
• Cut Heal Animal Care Products


Whelehan Crop Protection

Whelehan Crop Protection markets throughout Ireland product ranges from a number of multinational companies. The products are used on a wide variety of crops, including cereals, rootcrops, forests, grassland and amenity crops, fruit and vegetables. The customer base includes crop specialists, co-operatives and private merchants.

Key principals include Dow AgroSciences which supplies products such as the potato blight products Dithane and Electis and the herbicides Kerb and Goal together with the grassland product, Pastor. From Belchim Crop Protection we supply the cereal products Starion and Affinity as well as the potato blight products, Epok and Ranman and the sugar beet insecticide, Yaltox.

Loveland Industries supplies a range of adjuvants including brands such as Torpedo, Designer, Bond and Li-700 and the range of crop trace elements. The brands Aliette, Jet 5, Ronstar and Mogeton are specialist products supplied by Certis Europe. Makhteshim Agan supply herbicides; Atrazine, Simazine and Glyhogan.

The Crop Protection division also markets cattle mineral licks supplied from Akzo Nobel and the Cutonic range of mineral supplements sourced from Loveland Industries.

The Whelehan Crop Protection division has had a large and successful association with Irish Agriculture. Today that association remains strong as we bring to Irish farmers the benefits of research based chemistry from some of the world's leading crop protection companies.


Whelehan Gardening

Whelehan Gardening's main principal is The Scotts Company, an American multinational which is the leading garden chemical company worldwide. Key brands from Scotts include Pathclear, Weedol, Round-up, Miracle-Gro, Evergreen, Tomorite and Rose Plus.

Another Gardening division principal is Easy Gardener which markets a range of ground cover fabrics and decorative edging. Key Easy Gardener brands include Weedblock and Emerald Edge.

The division also markets the range of Expert Gardening Books written by Dr. D.G. Hessayon, the high quality Senator range of garden tools, Camelot gloves, Yeoman garden tools and the Doorman door mat range. The range also includes Chapelwood birdcare products.

Whelehan Gardening's staff provide customers with commercial, promotional, technical and merchandising support across the complete product range.

The Whelehan Gardening division markets a wide range of garden products to all sectors of the gardening market in the Republic of Ireland. Its customer base includes garden centres, hardware outlets, DIY multiples, wholesalers and co-operatives.

Whelehan Health & Beauty

The Whelehan Health and Beauty division has successfully marketed many international brands of toiletries, cosmetics, hair care products, fragrances and over the counter medicines in Ireland for nearly fifty years.

Our product lines are promoted by a team of sales representatives with specific territories and journey plans. The team interfaces with all pharmacies, major department stores and some product ranges are also sold to major food multiples on the island of Ireland. They are supported by a divisional manager, sales manager, product development manager and marketing & support personnel.

By successfully marketing, selling and product support for leading brands in Ireland, Whelehan Health and Beauty is viewed as a prominent player within the health and beauty care industry.images  1 6 images

Our success is due to high levels of personal service, key knowledge of the Irish marketplace and the fact that we treat each brand as an intrinsic part of the Whelehan Group.

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