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Xodus Medical Products

Custom EZ Kits

OR Turnover Kits

Specialty Positioning Kits

Custom Medication Labels
Custom Medication Labels

ElectroSurgical Pencils
ElectroSurgical Tips
Grounding Plates
Cautery Tip Cleaner

Anesthesia Positioning
Nasotracheal Tube Immobilizer

Patient Positioning
Bariatric Positioning
Foam Positioning
Gel Positioning
Pigazzi Patient Positioning System
Positioning Straps

Shoulder Suspension Kits

O.R. Essentials
Asepto / Irrigation Bulb Syringe
Basins and Bowls
Medicine Cups and Specimen Containers
Suction Tubing
Suture Bags
Yankauer Suction Tip

Infection Control
Emesis Bag
Foot Pedal Bags

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