Vitrectomy Enhancer


Millennium® Vitrectomy Enhancer (MVE)

The heart of the TSV Platform





Increased Safety

Operating at up 2500 cuts per minute (cpm), the MVE system’s 20, 23 and 25 gauge probes offer higher cut rates designed to reduce traction1, for minimised risk of iatrogenic retinal tears and increased patient safety.

Efficient Tissue Removal

Optimised duty cycles, together with an increased port-size, promote more efficient tissue removal and higher flow. Surgeons can manage mobile tissue better and cut closer to the retina, reducing the need for scissors and forceps, minimising risk of complication and promoting surgical efficiency.

Now with 23 gauge

Consolidated MVE procedure packs contain all disposable components, from the vitreous cutter to the entry site alignment system (ESA), needed for 23 and 25 gauge surgery.

The ESA is fabricated from polyimide, for a useful degree of instrument flexibility and better wound adherence. It also incorporates a longer cannula, allowing full-thickness entry, even at shallow angles. The low-profile hub is designed for minimal instrument interference.

Millennium® Vitrectomy Enhancer Brochure

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